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Claims Administration

The tort system exacts a high price on U.S. companies, big and small — and it isn’t getting any cheaper. Defending civil suits is a major undertaking, with claims administration exacting a particularly heavy toll, in terms of time and labor.

That’s why KCIC built The Ligado Platform: to solve complexity by expediting previously manual processes and centralizing all users, uses, data and documents onto one, easy-to-use platform. With Ligado, you’re able to work within the tort system, while a dedicated team of KCIC experts supports you at every step:

  • Processing new complaints
  • Coordinating with local defense counsel
  • Providing a centralized information repository for all users
  • Coordinating defense counsel invoices
  • Processing defense/indemnity payments
  • Reporting claims data in real time to appropriate parties
  • Processing insurer billing
  • Reporting to Medicare
Claims Administration
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