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The Ligado Platform is the answer for companies that have high-stakes, high-value, high-volume claims or cases in the tort system. Too often, their risk management data is spread across multiple databases, documents and stakeholders. The result: redundancy, errors, and countless hours managing and analyzing claims information.

Ligado transforms the claims administration process. You gain efficiency by centralizing everything onto one platform, where all stakeholders simply log on and access the same real-time data. Powerful and flexible, Ligado can be tailored to your company’s specific situation.


Real-time Reporting

  • Stop spending countless hours managing and analyzing information
  • Generate meaningful claim statistics and customize real-time reports
  • Gain the clarity you need to make critical decisions
  • Conduct powerful searches and easily export results
  • Get a summary email for claims served, documents loaded, and more

Robust Security Settings

  • Designate which claims can be viewed by each counsel
  • Control user access to certain information, features and actions — upload, recommend, approve, reject, view reports, etc.
  • Down to the data fields, control which firms see what
  • Control security of any data editable by users

Complaint Processing and More

  • KCIC knows precisely when a complaint gets served, so within just two days, we enter complaint data into your custom database, and local counsel is automatically notified.
  • From coordinating defense counsel invoices to issuing defense and indemnity payments, KCIC offers an extremely secure process that brings total peace of mind.
  • KCIC generates carrier billings through our system, which is optimized to maximize cash flow and minimize payment delays.
  • KCIC reports all required information to Medicare accurately and on time.

Plus, you get ongoing support from KCIC subject matter experts.

Get Out of the Dark Ages

See how Ligado transforms the Claims Administration process.

Claims Administration Video

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    The claimant search allows you to search for your cases using multiple filters at one time.
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    Give different users the ability to recommend and approve settlement payments based on customized permissions.
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    Allow different users to authorize or deny potential settlements while maintaining all comments in a database field for easy reporting.
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    Allow counsel to manage documents that are not specific to individual claimants in the same system.
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    Keep track of upcoming depositions, discovery, hearings, motions, or trial dates in easy-to-navigate calendar format.
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    Run interactive reports using real-time data at any time.

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