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Nicholas Sochurek

Senior Manager

Nicholas Sochurek specializes in London Market schemes of arrangement, proof of underlying exhaustion and policy analysis. He has more than nine years of industry experience, and has assisted clients with obtaining lost insurance coverage and giving notice of claim. He has managed a number of projects in both settlement and litigation contexts.

Mr. Sochurek is an expert in researching and analyzing the impact of London Market schemes of arrangement and domestic insurance insolvencies. He utilizes these skills to advise clients on what policies are at risk, what deadlines and procedures need to be followed, and the overall impact of insurer insolvency and closure on clients’ insurance asset.

Mr. Sochurek has extensive experience in helping clients prove underlying exhaustion. He has analyzed loss run and other exhaustion data from a number of different insurers and is familiar with using a variety of sources to paint a complete exhaustion picture.

Additionally, Mr. Sochurek has a thorough understanding of insurance policies written in both the domestic and London Markets. He has personally analyzed thousands of occurrence-based and claims-made insurance policies. He uses database technology to quantify and model potential coverage issues and to categorize policy language in support of legal briefs.

2010 – M.A., Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University
2004 – B.A., Economics, Minor in Mathematics, The College of William & Mary (magna cum laude)