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In its latest case study, KCIC demonstrates its expertise in developing Custom Solutions for clients with unwieldy, data-intensive issues that no off-the-shelf technology solutions will solve.

Titled “Indemnification Woes: KCIC Manages the Pain of Transferred Risk,” the case study looks at challenges that can arise after the sale of a company, when an indemnification agreement establishes shared responsibility for personal injury claims.

The client’s initial system for processing claims was not serving them well. Resources were stretched thin by both manual and redundant effort. Contributing to the inefficiency, the client’s data was in chaos. File cabinets were filled with legacy documents, and there was no consistent method for collecting critical information. This made it difficult to evaluate claims and know MajorMedDev’s share.

MajorMedDev considered many off-the-shelf products, but nothing fit their precise needs.

KCIC’s deep consulting expertise combined with its technology capabilities made it possible to diagnose the problem. KCIC then built an efficient system for processing personal injury and parts replacement claims, in addition to organizing massive amounts of historic sales data.

The resulting cloud-based solution now seamlessly processes claims and generates robust, real-time reporting. With clarity about its data, the company always knows what level of indemnification is being paid, enabling them to accurately plan reserves and respond to audits.

The case study can be downloaded below:

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